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Selecta Spielzeug are a famous German Wooden Toy company who have been making high quality, traditional wooden toys and educational toys in innovative designs from local FSC accredited wood for over 40 years.

Their award winning wooden toys include grasping toys, dolls houses, games, activity toys, pushalong toys, pullalong toys, pram chains, creative play toys, mobiles, dexterity toys, coat racks and room decorations. Their toys comply with all relevant International safety standards and are tested by the German laboratory TUV.


Press Release


Selecta Wooden Toys are pleased to announce the opening of their new high tech production facility at their Head Office in Edling, Germany.

In the shadow of the beautiful Bavarian Alps, Selecta have invested nearly 2,000,000 euros in an extension to their existing factory and the purchase of the latest digitally enhanced cutting equipment which will provide shorter production lead times and greater control of production costs leading to more sophisticated wooden toy designs, quicker deliveries and more competitive prices.

As the Managing Director, Matthias Menzel, of Selecta Wooden Toys explains

“The newly built Selecta Spielzeug production plant in Edling has now been operational since the end of 2011. On the basis of the extended infrastructure, Selecta will not only be more flexible in reacting to an increased demand in the baby and toddler range, we will also be able to ensure the required high quality that Selecta is famous for. Selecta will be able to offer everything from the initial toy design to the final assembly of their comprehensive toy and nursery ranges in the toddler, role play and nursery accessories markets. With “everything under one roof”, Selecta will continue to lead the Competition at a time when world prices escalate and Supplier delivery times are extended.”

Selecta Eco-Friendly Production

Selecta's new Eco-Friendly Production facility is nearly 1500 square metres. It's roof is 9.5 meters tall and has a 10 degree slope southwards so new solar energy heating can be installed. The heat for the factory is produced by burning the discarded wood shavings from production. The cost amounted to nearly 2 million euros.

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16032 Radolino

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"bellybutton" is the trendy collection of designer wooden toys developed and made by Selecta in Germany and created by two leading children cosmetics consultants.

Being mums, they wanted to offer fashionable clothes to pregnant mothers and the brand has become very popular throughout Europe!

The bellybutton brand is a lifestyle trade mark for pregnant mums, children and families!

As one of the Founders explains,

"bellybutton maternity fashion offers style and comfort to pregnant women. bellybutton embodies over 10 years of experience gathered by mothers – from the outset, we have given great attention to ensuring a comfortable fit, perfect tailoring, comfy materials and high quality, safe wooden toys. But we also design bellybutton children’s wear to mothers’ preferences: All items are made from high-quality, skin friendly materials, such as the organic cotton we use for our linen. All of our collections match and go well with every other item of clothes."

Today this popular line also includes baby clothes, baby cosmetics, baby bedding and baby sleeping bags......and now Selecta complete this unique collection with a range of fantastic wooden toys in the latest fashionable colours.

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Belly Button Image 1 Belly Button Image 3