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About Selecta - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Growing older with Selecta since 1968
  • Playing, fun, promoting and challenging
  • Produced in Bavaria - with tradition, innovation & passion.
  • Excited eyes and happy parents
  • Because children are important to us!

Selecta has been making high quality traditional and educational wooden toys in Germany for over 40 years. When other companies moved to the Far East, Selecta stayed in the Bavarian Forest.

All the company's wood is made from native maple, beech and pine trees and Selecta only chooses FSC-accredited timber from sustainable forests.

Famous for it's colourful and innovative designs, Selecta's comprehensive collection includes grasping toys, pram chains, wooden books and games, pushalongs and pullalongs, creative play and activity toys, dexterity toys, room decorations, mobiles and dollhouses.

All Selecta's products are rigorously tested to the"CE" and "ASTM" Regulations by the German Testing laboratory TUV and Selecta instigate continuous quality control procedures throughout production and delivery.

The company only uses safe paints and lacquers and all our products have a unique soft and colourful "Selecta" finish.

Selecta has it's own team of in-house designers who are continuously developing new products and concepts and the company prides itself on efficient delivery times and an excellent after-sales service. Selecta's philosophy has always been to make toys that are safe, fun and built to last! The company also cares for the environment by making use of the woodchips left over in production to heat it's production facilities and offices.

Information about Selecta and Wooden Toys

Development of Selecta
Selecta Spielzeug has been developing toys and games for the 0 - 8 age group for more than 40 years. These years of experience mean that Selecta can offer the broadest possible range of suitable toys for children. In 1969  Selecta started with a total of 22 items in the category toddlers toys and games.

Today Selecta has a progamme with over 350 items in the categories Toddlers toys, Kids World, Small World, Games and Puzzles, Selecta Nobile Games and Educational toys. The Company is based in Edling in the beautiful Bavarian forests of Germany.

Selecta's philosophy is:

  • to promote development through all age groups, beginning with dexterity and going on to educational learning.
  • to use designs that are attractive to parents and children alike, in the natural material, wood.
  • In doing this, to earn world-wide recognition for the quality of our products and

The trade-name and trade-mark
The Selecta name and logo on their blue background is the sign of

  • Safety
  • The quality of our products
  • innovative new products

All Selecta toys and games are regularly tested by qualified specialists in accordance with the safety requirements. The “CE” emblem guarantees that strict safety controls have been fulfilled in the production in accordance to the European Norm. In addition to this, Selecta have all toys tested by the German TUV Product Service.

GS stands for “Geprufte Sicherheit” which means Safety Tested. It is awarded by TUV Product Service following stringent testing according to the official safety Norms.
All colours used by us are those that come under the heading "food-colourings". These colours are therefore, completely safe when in contact with a child's mouth.

All our products are subjected to further testing in order to accord to the American ASTM requirements. These are generally much stricter than the European requirements.

All wooden parts that children could put in their mouths are made by Selecta from the hardwood, maple. The natural adhesive used is water-soluble and contains no Formaldehyde or softeners. The coloured staining used by Selecta is only a water-soluble colour as used in food production.

The surface treatment is also completely natural to protect Selecta toys from sweat and saliva and to give a silky smooth finish.

Double knots:
A double knot is used to secure all beads that are to be found on our baby toys. These knots withstand a load of 10 kg and cannot be opened if the cord gets damp through being in a child's mouth.

Where technically possible, edges are rounded off to prevent splintering. The pictures on the tiles, jumping jack figures and growth charts are printed using the special Selecta transfer-print technique.

The results are:
ecologically sound toys ideally suited to their respective age groups that are water, scratch and light resistant.

The difference between tropical woods and maple:
Tropical woods tend to be lighter, water absorbent and splinter more easily. Maple is a hard wood which does not splinter and the light graining helps to enhance the brilliant colours.

FSC certificate assures consumers that the product comes from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. FSC stands for "Forest Stewardship Council". 

It is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Innovative New Ideas

We are commited to producing products for Learning and Playing
We understand that playing with wooden toys can offer children lots of fun, help develop communication skills and stretch their imagination.

Internal Quality Control


Wood Requirements

no insect holes, knots upto 5 mm not loose
no splinters at edges

(for items with high number of pieces)

free fall from 60 cm with impact of packaging on different edges and surfaces

Quality Standards for our Production Facilities
All stages in our production process are controlled and handled according to strict internal standards to ensure the highest quality standards.
The selection of wood must fit our requirements for the colour of the wood, insect holes, knots etc.
Sawing, planing, sanding fulfil the safety specifications of the EN 71.
Gluing, colouring, varnishing is done according to internal principles and technical requirements.
Packaging care about design, information leaflets and labelling is to satisfy our customers and to reduce damage in transporting our goods.

Well-made wooden toys are naturally beautiful to the touch.
Our native forests hold everything that is needed for a prize-winning toy or game. Maple, birch, and pine are the natural resources used to make Selecta toys beautiful, sturdy, and valuable.

Only wood that has grown healthy and strong goes to Selecta.

A natural beauty can be found in well-made wooden toys.
The Selecta design team has years of hard-won experience in producing toys that are unique in their form, their pictures, as well as their function.

The natural beauty of wood comes to life in the hands of the Selecta experts. The wood structures convey sensory experiences while enhancing child development.

A refined finish to the wood surfaces enhances the value of the best wooden toys.
Since wood is a completely natural material, you don't have to worry if your child puts it into his or her mouth. Safe, water-soluble varnishes are used to emphasize the unique natural beauty of the wood Selecta chooses for each wooden toy.

A special heat transfer printing process gives the pictures their particularly endearing look. This gives the sealed surface of Selecta toys a soft and smooth - almost velvety - touch.

Well-made wooden toys are completely safe to play with and will last a long time.
The making of our products involves over 40 years of experience entwined with tradition. Specialists ideally use this knowledge to achieve quality results.

Selecta's high quality standards go beyond the standard European safety requirements. In developing their own quality standards and adding more control steps, Selecta has made sure that only safe toys reach the hands of children. A continuous international exchange of experiences  guarantees that research of new ideas and  
possibilities flows into production, making toys even safer and a greater pleasure to play with.

Well-made wooden toys are both beautiful and educational.
Highly qualified advice from education professionals play a major part in Selecta's product development, including product tests within families and kindergartens. Before a new Selecta toy reaches final production, suggestions voiced by these professionals have been carefully considered.

Selecta started producing wooden toys and games for kindergartens over 40 years ago. All the know-how and techniques experienced throughout this time have gone into the development of each toy and game Selecta produces today. We communicate with people all over the world to integrate their ideas and experience into our products.