Our Schools, Nursery and Playgroup Programme.

Selecta’s philosophy is to make natural wooden toys that are educational, safe and fun to play with.
Indeed, the company started over 40 years ago by making toys for kindergartens and our new products are often designed and developed from great ideas put forward by local children and parent groups.

Now, we want to offer a special programme to all UK Schools, Nurseries and Play Groups.

By registering your Group, you will be entitled to an exclusive package of discounts off our normal prices.
Simply fill in the “My Account Information” form, clearly entering the name of your School, Nursery or Play Group and your VAT number, if you have one.

Once your account is open, all you will need to do is enter a Purchase Order number to allow us to validate your special status.
If your payments are made by a Local Authority, you will also be able to apply for credit terms under the Programme.
All other Groups will need to pay by credit card at the time of the order.

If you need any assistance in registering your special Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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